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Heiðmerkur búlder

Heiðmörk is a forestry and nature reserve close to Elliðavatn east of Reykjavik. This area´s the largest outdoor recreation in the vicinity of the city, about 32 square kilometers. Almost 90% of the area is sparsely vegetated land, of which about 20% of cultivated forests and 20% wild birch woods and scrub.

The bouldering there is on good solid rock and has ok landings. The cliffs are formed in a fault zone which stretches from the same fissure swarm as in Krýsuvík on the reykjanes peninsula. There is also a camping place there in hjallaflatir and its the only camping spot in heiðmörk. Also, about 80 meters right of hjallabumban there is another cliff that has one highball called Laumufarþegi and a travers named Innskotið. To the left about 100 meters there is a nice travers called flatahliðrun and its about 6c.

Hársbreidd 7a+
Great balls of fire 6b+
Hjallabumban 6a

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