Björgun með klifurbúnaði

Skelltum okkur í Öskjuhlíð og tókum upp myndband sem sýnir hvernig manneskja er hífð upp úr gili með klifurlínu og tilheyrandi aukagræjum.


  1. Hello, my name Carles Vallès and I’m from Barcelona.
    We (my wife and me) have planned to come to Iceland this August for 8-12 days and we wish to climb also. I have search about climbing in Iceland and everything shows you as the main source of knowledge.
    Kwoning that we are classic climbers, that our level is coming down (age -more than 50-, weight -increasing year by bear (or bear by year, I’m not sure)- and injuries -…never well healded-: 5.10/6a at the present), can you recomend us some grags and minimum “hardware” we should carry on (by plane, of course) and where we can find climbing topoguides?
    Thankyou very muchin advance for your help

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