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Frankenjura & pfals from Valdimar björnsson on Vimeo.

Stefan gerritsen climbes two very nice routes. The first line is in frankenjura, this 8b has some long moves in steep terrain leading to a bouldery crux. The second line is in Pfals and is all about the end moves!! Video shot by mathieu ceron and edit by valdimar.

Three from pfals from Valdimar björnsson on Vimeo.

This place was so good. We had some days where the sandstone sparkled with friction and on thoughs days your fingers stick to the friendly holds!! Definitely a place to go bouldering.
Thanks mathieu for guiding use around this cool area!
The first boulder is a 6c. In the credits it is missing!

Two from Pfals from Valdimar björnsson on Vimeo.

Stefan Gerritsen climbes two boulders in the Pfals area.
High class sandstone climbing is to be found there.

Bouldering in pfals from Valdimar björnsson on Vimeo.

Living in the woods, climbing all day long, eating different kind of food, meeting brilliant people. Pfals sandstone is awesome and so is the german weissbier.

Tvær frá Jósepsdal from Valdimar björnsson on Vimeo.

Two boulders from Josepsdal. The first one is on the boulder in the bottom of the valley and the second is in the east hill from the bottom boulder.

First up is valdimar and then its up to jósef to finnish with some tricks.

Kjuge sessions part 1 from Valdimar björnsson on Vimeo.

First up is Benjamin and Arnaud. They both climbed this very fun climbed travers called Det gáfulla falket. Then there are two boulders, first one is named Fajers dyno and the last problem is just right of the dyno and is called Dalastark, both 7a.
Shot by Ben, Arnaud, Leon & valdimar.
Music is by Radiohead.

Justyna, Tryggvi, Björn, Hinrik and me decided to clean up this boulder on the way to Munkaþverá (Akureyri, Iceland).

I had tons of fun that day, and I hope many people will climb the problems we brushed off.

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Psyche up iceland from Valdimar björnsson on Vimeo.

 This is just a short little vid to try and get you guys all psyched up for the upcoming summer of 2011. KOMA SVOOO!!!!! 🙂


Svanurinn, Háibjalli from Valdimar björnsson on Vimeo.

 Reykjanes peninsula holds numerous bouldering areas. This one was originally a small trad area but there are also some nice boulders. Jafet and me brushed this bloc last summer and took a cool session, the surrounding isnt like your typical icelandic surrounding, there are tall trees and plenty of vegetation and the boulder it self is even quite high. The boulder got named the swan and is about F6b. More info on


Hnappavellir.Miðskjól from Valdimar björnsson on Vimeo.

Three routes from the camping sector in Hnappavellir. The first one is climbed by siggi and the line is called öræfabúgí, it is a sandbag 5.12a but a very good one at that.. Second runner up is jonni and he does tífolí. Tífólí is a bouldery 5.12b which you can test your self on after a long day of climbing, well, only since its next to your tent 😉 The third route is named tóftin and also all the buisness is about the crux of the route, real nice and tricky! Andri climbed this one last summer.



climbing with my friends in kjuge sweden


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